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SoMD Loves You

Southern Maryland Loves You, a non-profit organization, is made up of about 100 people consisting of mostly engineers and a couple of medical professionals. The group was founded by Matt Hayes, an engineer, who recognized the need for alternative ways to produce and stretch high demand medical equipment. SoMd Loves You has been working hard to develop a "Heat Box" which sanitizes PPE equipment so that it can be reused over and over again. The Heat Box would greatly reduce medical plastic waste and provide short turnaround time in sanitizing a previously used medical mask.


Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are on the front lines battling the Coronavirus crisis. Due to an unprecedented demand, they are doing so without the PPE and other medical equipment they need which puts their own lives in jeopardy.


Our mission is to support those on the front lines combating Covid-19 by providing funding and products to hospitals, EMS, and those developing other innovative solutions.


No medical professional should have to go to work fearing for their life and for the lives of their family. Our goal is to eradicate this fear and help the medical professionals get the equipment they need to do their jobs safely.

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